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ROGAN : The Thief in the Castle


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One Victim,
Two Causes of Death,
Three Culprits.

Blackstone is a castle built for battles, located in a remote area of the kingdom.
Lord Conrad of Castle Blackstone was once a lionhearted knight, but is now old and sick.

One night, Conrad is found dead in his study.
All evidence suggests that he was murdered.
Knight Victoria, known as one of the lord’s most trusted confidants, is suspected to be the culprit.
Witnesses saw her running out of his room covered in blood.

Victoria flees. And of course, Castle Blackstone is on high alert.
It just so happens that a thief has also sneaked into the castle. His name is Rogan.
By chance, Victoria runs into Rogan during her escape.

Victoria realizes that this thief is her only hope in clearing her name.
Believing in her innocence, Rogan decides to help Victoria find evidence of the real murderer in Castle Blackstone.
Will Rogan be able to help her clear her name?
Who murdered Conrad?

Hold your breath, wait until the end. A huge twist is coming.


  • Victoria Falsely Accused Knight

    Let's make a deal, thief. If you help clear my name, I will bring no charges against you.

    Victoria is the Knight Commander of Castle Blackstone.
    She began as a squire of Lord Conrad but was able to become a knight after making
    valuable contributions in many battles. Though she was Conrad's most trusted knight,
    she comes under suspicion as the culprit after Conrad’s death.
    As the situation isn’t in her favor, Victoria decides to ask for help from Rogan,
    a thief who sneaked into the castle.

  • Eva Ambitious Baroness

    I...can never forget. The humiliation. The pain. And this scar.

    Baroness Eva is Conrad’s younger sister. Though she has a beautiful face,
    she wears a mask to cover the scar that she got from “that incident” 5 years ago.
    After that, her personality drastically changed.
    Now, after Lord Conrad’s death, she accuses Victoria of murder and gathers troops to capture her.

  • Conrad Weakened Lord

    Carry out our plan, Victoria. Please, protect my son!

    A lord whose power has been weakened due to his illness, Conrad once was a brave knight
    who protected the northern part of the kingdom.
    Conrad wants to hand down his title to his beloved son.
    However, it appears that it won't be easy due to Baroness Eva, who threatens his position.
    One day, he is found dead in his study...

  • Boris Skeptical Constable

    You’re innocent? You were wielding a bloodstained sword, and everyone saw you with it!

    A newly appointed constable. As a newcomer, Boris still doesn't know the situation very well.
    Though he is lacking in experience, he is very meticulous.
    Therefore, he has many doubts even though everything about the case appears to be clear.

  • Karl Opportunistic Traitor

    The lord’s time is over. Now, it would be wiser to work for Baroness Eva.

    Karl used to be a subordinate of Victoria, yet he betrays her and swears his loyalty to Baroness Eva.
    He tries to make a contribution by catching Victoria with his own hands but fails.

  • Young Master Feeble Heir

    It’s a secret, but I’ll tell you about it. Only to you, Victoria. There’s a secret door.

    Conrad’s son, who was born in his late years.
    The young master is feeble and quiet, just like his father.
    He is fond of Victoria and is learning about the world with her.

    Young Master

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